BBPS Manesar workshop


Workshop on POCSO ACT

Bal Bharati Public School, Manesar conducted a workshop on POCSO ACT for it's  staff members on 22nd Nov, 21.The workshop was organised to bring awareness among the offences against children, child protection and also to give an utmost importance to the safety of each child which should be paramount of all considerations.Thewebinar was successful which was able to conclude about the  laws to protect children, of which not many are aware of it, the increase cases of child sexual abuse, and about the indulgence of kids on digital world.

Workshop TOPIC-Anti-Bullying

DATE- September 25,2021


With an aim to raise awareness among the students, a webinar on “Anti-Bullying” was organised by Bal Bharati Public School, Manesar on September 25, 2021 for the students of Classes VI -X.  The key speaker was Ms. Richa Agarwal who is a social worker, motivational speaker and trainer.  She is also an Advisory Member of ‘One Step Towards Peace’, an NGO working for establishing peace and sustainability in society.

Through this webinar the students were made to think how as a student they have been at both ends of the stick when it comes to bullying. Most of them could confidently say that any of it didn’t feel good. Being the one who gets bullied is unhealthy and frustrating for obvious reasons, but being someone who was bullied and later became a bully is what terrified them most. They realized that most of them had turned into what they immensely hated the most in their past.  It was a very interactive session, and the students put up their queries freely.


“Being the bully is never good in the long run, your fun and amusement can ruin someone’s life. Stay happy while making others happy.”

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