Principal’s Message


Bal Bharati Public School Manesar - a fledgling as compared to its illustrious senior counterparts in the Capital and the NCR has undoubtedly made its mark in this fast developing industrial township.

The resilience, grit and the collective responsibility of the staff and the students ensure that the BBPS banner is kept flying high. A positive and progressive outlook, an underlying strength and dynamism are the hallmark of a vibrant educational institution.

We are all witness to the steady metamorphosis that the school has gone through. Better facilities, improved infrastructure, heightened pursuit of creative and literary activities - all aim at tapping the unique potential that each individual possesses.

Our endeavour at BBPS, Manesar is to make children happy and learning fun. Our philosophy is succinctly expressed in Edmund's words:

Keep your face with sunshine lit
Laugh a little bit.
Gloomy shadows oft will flit
If you have the wit and grit
Just to laugh a little bit.

Mr. Harsh Kumar





Dear Parent

If you really want to conquer the anxiety of life
Live in the moment, Live in the breath
Honor your inner child by losing yourself in
Simple pleasures


The whole world is fighting against the pandemic ‘COVID-19’ which is spreading across globally and the
challenges that we are facing makes us conscious of the inability of human beings to avoid the
unexpected. Our country is also not left untouched by the effect of this virus, as we are witnessing a surge
in the number of positive cases. Apart from resilience, this indeed helps us to develop new skills and
greater ability to adapt to the … Read More