Secretary Message


Education, in all its avatars, has moulded and reincarnated itself over centuries and ages. But the clarion call of transformation of education is heard today like never before. We are living in a world of knowledge explosion, dissolved nationalities, frenzied media, social networking and a cauldron of choices and possibilities. The flux, a challenge enough for adults, leaves the tender hearts and gullible minds vulnerable. With learning avenues a click away, we cannot be imprudent to consider a child's mind an empty vessel. Each day education calls for a novel definition.

Accommodating the ever transforming world of the children, a school must envisage an education system that galvanizes the manifestation of innate excellence inherent in each child. The education system should comprise an alchemy of a heart that is tender, a mind that is open, a conscience that is pure, a spiritual core that is rich and thoughts that are pious and progressive.

It is with pleasure I witness Bal Bharati Public School, Manesar growing under the able leadership of School Principal, Mr. Harsh Kumar. The dedicated staff and bright students hold a promise of leaps and bounds success the school aspires for.

With Best Wishes