Fit India School Week Celebration

Fit India Programme


The department of sports, MYAS in collaboration with Department of school Education and literacy started Fit India School Week soon after the inception of Fit India Movement in 2019 with an aim to integrate fitness as an essential part of school education where physical fitness is taught and practiced.

Bal Bharati Public School celebrated a 6-day event dedicated to fitness with an objective to instill the importance of fitness in students, families and teachers.

There were several proposed activities given by CBSE which were conducted as per the schedule.

The event started with a blend of Indian dances. The students presented several dance poses integrating physical fitness.


On day 2 the students were taught about the importance of fitness through debates, lectures and symposium. A Quiz on physical fitness and sports highlighting freedom, AKAM & Nutrition was conducted alongwith an essay and poem writing competition which was organized on the theme “My fitness mantra on AKAM”. A poster making competition was also conducted on the same day, the theme of which was “Freedom from Sedentary lifestyle.


Day 3 was entirely dedicated to games in which the teachers organized an event of indigenous games of India with traditional games which was followed by a session on “Eat right” by our school faculty.


Day 4 comprised of the School’s SSR (Social Responsibility) in which the people from nearby communities were called up for a fitness session. Along with them the teachers and parents also took part in the drive enthusiastically.


Day 5 was related to introspection of mind and heart in which the Brain games were played by the students to improve their concentration and problem-solving capacity. A graffiti session was also organized for the students on the topics like “What is Azadi for you?” and “what is problem solving capacity?”

The event came to closure on day 6 with a pledge on fitness taken by the all the staff members, students and their parents on the occasion of AKAM to culminate school week with self -assertion for leading a new fit and healthy life.


To cope with the challenges of the modern day life the holistic and intrinsically healthy lifestyle of the children is very vital. In Bal Bharati Public School,Manesar  we took a step forward by celebrating a “Fit India School Week “ from 25 November 2019 to 28 November 2019. In this initiative, students performed various activities. Some of them are listed below.

On the first day of the week, the students performed Yoga to enhance their concentration power. On the second day of activity  students performed a free hand exercise for the proper blood circulation in their body.On day three the art department of the school organized a painting competition for the students on theme- “Fit Body-Fit Mind-Fit Environment ”.The day four was devoted entirely to the physical activities for all students which includes Dance,Aerobics & Rope skipping.To inculcate the creative writing skills in the students along with their physical fitness the English department of the school organized an Essay competition on theme” Fit India School”.A quiz was organized for the students by sports department on day five.