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The 10th International Yoga Day, being celebrated this year, focuses on promoting women’s health and wellbeing. As an empowering practice, yoga enables women to confidently assume roles as leaders and change-makers, fostering diversity and inclusion in society.
Yoga brings joy, health, and peace, and represents the unity of an individual's inner consciousness and the external world. Thousands of us at Bal Bharati Public Schools across India will observe this day as part of our personal growth journey, and as a tribute to an ancient discipline. We invite you, too, to be part of this celebration.

It's been a year since our revered Shri L. R., Former President. Child Education Society, left for his heavenly abode on l5th May, 2021. As we commemorate the first Death Anniversary, we remember him as a visionary extraordinaire and a true 'karma yogi' whose contribution in myriad fields will be remembered for all times to come. He was the fountainhead of umpteen ideas that took the Bal Bharati institutions to newer and greater heights and brought about phenomenal growth.

His has been a life lesson, a life that has imprints of greatness, coupled with humility and dedication to his work. His endeavour had beelll to shape the ch ildren of today into the young adults of tomonrowwho are ignited by the sparlk oflearning and are empowered with physical and spiritual well-being.

ln remembrance of his commitment to Wellness and Health, CES launches - Yoga Sankalp/ Yogatatva/ Yogic Astitva, an earnest endeavour undertaken to commemorate his glorious life- a life passionately dedicated to the nob e cause of Holistic Educa tion . This initiative inspires to nurture physical, mental & emotional balance and strengthen the great cultural & spiritual heritage of India.

CES has collaborated with Mokshayatan Yog Sansthan, one of the most pro minent Yoga institutes of India humanitarian aspect of yoga across the globe with the moto 'Sbakti:Sanyam:Seva'.Under Yog Sankalp, specially running u nder the holy tutelage of Yogi.raj Padmashri Swami Bharat Bhushan Ji for over 48 years, spreading the curated videoson themes based on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing will be shared with the stllldents and the parents of Bal Bharati Public Schools pan India. The videos will feature Acharya Pratishtha Ji Director Mokshyatan Yoga Sansthan, who apart from being a Yoga Guru is an internationally acclaimed Cultural Expert, Classical Dance exponent, Mind Therapist,author & a scholar.

You are requested to motivate your ward to imbibe the good practices shared in the videos in daily routine. We sincerely hope that not only the students but the community at large, will benefit from this unique initiative taken up by Bal Bharati Public Schools in partnership with Mokshyatan Yog Sansthan. It is our aspiration to ho nour the memory of our guiding star, Shri L. R. Channa with acts that manifest and ce-lebrate his rich philosophy.

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