Safety & Security

It is better to be safe than sorry. We at Bal Bharati Public School, Manesar provide a safe and secure environment to our students. Fire extinguishers of ISI Mark of adequate capacity and number are provided at eye catching spots in the school building. Emergency telephone numbers and list of persons to be contacted in case of any eventuality has been displayed on the notice board. Electrical wiring is inspected from time to time and if found defective, it is replaced immediately. Campus has 24X7 security cover with vigilant Security Guards stationed at the front gate as well as patrolling the campus. 24 hours surveillance is taken care of through CCTVs. The building and outdoor grounds are under surveillance with event recording facilities to keep a check on any untoward incident. Visitors are checked in at the main entrance only. They are issued distinct identification cards that they are required to wear in the school campus. Visitor’s register is maintained at school reception as well as school gate. For announcements, public address system is also installed and covers the entire school campus. In all the buses, in addition to the attendants, staff members are put on duty as bus in-charges according to a pre-planned roster. Dispersal of students is regularly monitored by bus in-charges, coaches and PETs. Attendance is marked before dispersal.

  • Consequently till the last stop of each bus route, a staff member is on duty in the bus. Senior students as bus monitors              further assist in enhancing the safety of bus users. All school buses are fitted with CCTV cameras with recordings and          simultaneous in viewing facilities.
  • Play-stations for tiny- tots, an indoor table-tennis hall, inviting badminton and volleyball courts.
  • 24 X 7 power backup and aqua-guard filled drinking water facility.
  • 8 school owned buses filled with GPS, CCTV, Speed governors to ensure safe travel of students.