Sports & Games

  1. The school boasts of a vast lush green play ground with world class facilities for playing Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and Athletics.
  2. State of art Table Tennis hall and Badminton courts also beckon students to enjoy and excel in games of their choice.
  3. Indoor games like chess, scrabble, carom are also encouraged.
  4. Skating, Rope Skipping, Tennis, Basketball, |Taekwondo and Volleyball coaches give specialized training to students under their care.
  5. Sports and games are an integral part of the school curriculum and are promoted for the holistic development of each child.
  6. Incentives and scholarships are offered to the students who make a mark at the state/ national/International levels.
  7. The school participates in the All India Inter Unit Bal Bharati Sports Meet every year and has started garnering honors in Volleyball Girls and Athletics events.
  8. The school also celebrates annual sports day with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm, where the participation of parents and staff members is also entitled.
  9. To aid the holistic development of the child, the school has tied up with a leading agency FITSPRO for conducting a sports programme on Saturdays and after school hours. They have been associated with ‘Khelo India’ campaign which helps young talent to perform better in sports.
  10. To promote Sports, we have joined hands with Sports Guru - an organisation which conducts multiple sports activities in the Primary Department during school hours.




Dear Parent

If you really want to conquer the anxiety of life
Live in the moment, Live in the breath
Honor your inner child by losing yourself in
Simple pleasures


The whole world is fighting against the pandemic ‘COVID-19’ which is spreading across globally and the
challenges that we are facing makes us conscious of the inability of human beings to avoid the
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