School Clubs


  • Dramatic Club


  • Skit on Pollution

On 20th May 2021 the students of class VIII presented a skit on “Pollution” with a clear message to keep the environment clean. The activity also helped the students to enhance their literary skills.


  • Nukkad Natak

The students of classes IV and V of the Hindi Natak Club staged a street play on 27th May 2021, to spread the message ‘Vaccination is the only way to prevent Corona.’



  • Laghu Natika

Through a short play the students of class II conveyed a beautiful message that a single drop of water has no significance, but these drops form a river together. The play was staged on 17th June, 2021.



  • Stage Play

The students of class IX presented a play on 26th July, 2021 named “IN THE KINGDOM OF THE FOOLS”, written by A.K. Ramanujan.


  • Heritage Club


  • Curate-A Collection Challenge

Students of class V participated in an activity scheduled on 23rd May, 2021 ‘Curate-A Collection Challenge’ organized by the Heritage club. The students exhibited their collected items and presented their organizing and collecting skills in an extremely beautiful manner.


  • Museum Object Making

Making museum objects exhibits a great way to incorporate Art, Science, Geometry and creativity. The students of Class X enthusiastically participated in making a museum object on 27th May, 2021. The students were asked to sketch/paint/draw/make any museum object with recyclable material like papier mache, cloth scraps etc.


Punarbhav Club

  • Samachar Prastuti

News Reading activity was scheduled on 10th May, 2021 for the students of class V.  The students participated in the activity enthusiastically which helped them to enhance their vocabulary, reading skills, knowledge and a lot more.


  • Kahani Vaachan

‘Story Telling’ activity was organized on 17th May 2021 for the students of class II wherein each student enacted an inspirational story.  The activity helped the students to communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas effectively.


Ramanujam Club-


  • My Calendar

Students of Middle Department were involved in a fun filled activity using the     calendars wherein they formed calendar pages and labeled names of the months by solving various mathematical questions.  The activity was conducted on 26th May, 2021.


  • Optical Illusion

Different optical illusion arrangements and visual effects were created by the students of classes VI and VII using mathematical logics and steps on 25th   May, 2021. The same was presented and discussed by the students.



  • Creating a mathematical Maze

An activity “Creating a mathematical Maze” was organized on 28th May, 2021 for the students of Class V. In this activity students created maze on different concepts of Mathematics.




Astronomy Club-


  • Lunar Eclipse


Students of grade 4 and 5 observed lunar eclipse through live streaming on YouTube from Sydney, Australia on May 26, 2021. The activity beautifully enhanced their knowledge and interest towards astronomical phenomena.


Interact Club

The students of class XI planted saplings on 17th June 2021 to honour their loved ones and the Corona Warriors who lost their lives during the pandemic.


Techno Club


During the summer break the students of Middle and Senior Department were given tutorials for Coding, App development and Game designing on different platforms like and mit.scratch.  An Intraclass Competition was also organized on 23rd July, 2021 to evaluate and analyze the learning outcomes from the same.


Science club

In order to make the students aware about Child Asthma, the school organized an Awareness Campaign on Child Asthma on July 8, 2021.  The session was attended by all the students of class X – XII.





  • The Heritage Club of Bal Bharati Public School, Manesar celebrated ‘Van Mahotsava’ on 06.07.18. to create awareness among all students. Students went to Gurgaon Forest Department and collected several varieties of native plants. The officials of the forest department shared important information regarding characteristics and qualities of native plants. Children learned the value of plants in maintaining the environment. This activity inculcated ‘love for plants and trees’ among children.
  • The members of Heritage Club celebrated World Population Day on 11.07.18 where-by some selected students of classes IV and V spread the message of population control, and its importance in maintaining health and hygiene.


As a part of Heritage Club activity a quiz on India and its Cultural Heritage was conducted on 28 August 2018 in school library. Students from classes VII and VIII enthusiastically participated in the event.


The interact club and Heritage club students visited Nyaramsadh Ashram, Manesar on 28 December 2018. They donated raw food material for the bhandara and served food to the animals kept there. It was an experience where they learnt the joy of giving.

The Heritage club students celebrated Earth Day, Heritage Day and Shram Diwas. An activity to know about the food of different states was conducted by primary classes.


Astronomy quiz was conducted under the club activities on 31 August 2018 in seminar hall. Students from class V participated in the event.

  • 10 students from science club visited the Science Utsav & CBSE Exhibition at DAV Sec 49.
  • An interesting session was organised for the students of classes XI and XII by resource person from NIIT.
  • The science club took an interesting initiative of creating partnership with parents in teaching. The session was an enjoyable experience for studentsScience Safety Club has 20 students from classes V – VIII. The club conducted following activities in the month of Dec – Jan.
    • Fire safety was covered meticulously with detailed explanation followed by the assessment of the participants.
    • A session on Road Safety was conducted to explain the safety rules.
    • Articles were sent on the topic ‘Science Safety’ for publishing in National Science Safety newsletter.
    • The club members conducted audit of road safety, school bus safety, fire safety in school, pedestrian safety on the road outside school and school signage in nearby area

 Under Astronomy Club students visited Kepler’s Observatory and Research centre. Students performed various activities like Rocket launching, Sun dial Making, Finding the north using the sun, and Satellite modelling.


Students are very happy and enthusiastic to be the part of the newly formed Tech Chap club. They are actively taking part in the various activities this way or that.

  • Tech Champ club members voluntarily became part of the Annual Day 2018 Team where they worked with photography, video capturing and covered the practice days digitally. They gave the raw martial a shape of ‘Behind the Scene Movie’ which was showcased to the parents on Annual Day.
  • Tech Champs helped in making E-Backdrops, logos and digital designing where they learnt technical tools and Skills with mentors and exhibits excellent outcome.
  • Tech Champ Club observed Cyber Safety Week in the school under which awareness about Safe use of Internet and Cyber Bulling was spread. Teachers delivered lectures on the topic and had an interactive session with the students about the topic.
  • Tech champs Members presented a meaningful presentation on the topic-‘ SAFETY BEGINS WITH AWARENESS’ for class VI-VII making them aware about Cyber Phishing and precautions to be taken while using internet.
  • A movie on the topic SAFETY FIRST IS SAFETY ALWAYS, was shown to the students of class IX- XII which explained the ways to be safe on Internet. Cyber Safety tips were covered in this short video to which students found very useful and practiced the same in the lab.
  • Students of tech champ club encouraged the students for Eco Friendly Diwali. To spread the awareness, tech champs joined hands with Interact club and prepared a presentation including ways to celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali. Presentation was broadcasted to all classrooms through smart boards.
  • Tech Champs planned to make the Children’s Day a joy day for all the classes. So a presentation explaining the importance of the day and some entertaining dance numbers were played in each class using Smarts board to which everyone enjoyed and appreciated the effort.
    • Students of Tech Champ Club presented a skit on “ Social Media and its Impact on Day to Day Life” as a part of cluster of activities showcased for Skype Interaction with partner school Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini on 11 December 2018. The Webinar included speeches, group discussions and quiz.
    • An interesting presentation depicting the origin and history behind Christmas celebration was shown to the students through smart boards on Christmas.
    • Students of Tech Champ club brought laurels to the institution by winning first prize For Poster Designing in Photoshop at SKILLEXUBERANCE’ 2018, a skill based inter school competition, organised by Bal Bharati Public School Rohini on 21 December 2018.
    • Students of Tech Champ club provided technical help for designing invitations and videos for school’s Winter Carnival 2019. Tech Champ Club also had its gaming corner installed in carnival where everyone enjoyed gaming experience on computers and tabs.
    • Tech Champ Club and Sofcon India PVT organized Intra School Tech Skill Fest 2019 on 6 April 2019 which offered students a platform to showcase their talent in a host of activities and competitions. Interesting competitions like tech story champ, e-canvas, pic-o-max etc to name a few, were designed for the students in which the students performed exceedingly well.
    • Six Tech Champ Club students were accompanied by a teacher to attend a workshop at Suncity School Gurgaon on 27th April 2019 based on the theme: DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY & CHANGE. The core objective of the workshop was to help the students think beyond the obvious while at the same time lining themselves up with what will be relevant in their lives in the near future. LEGO Bricks, Robotics and Blender were introduced to the students in an interesting session given by Mr.Mike Knowles.
    • Video Conferencing- Students of class IX interacted with students of BBPS Dwarka on the topic ‘Bijli Bachao’. Students exchanged their views to save electricity.


Role-play for quadrilaterals and Mathambola activities has done in the month of November.



An Anti-Cracker Campaign was oragnised on 5 November 2018. A PPT was shown to the students depicting the harmful effects of crackers on environment. An anti-cracker pledge was taken by the students as well as teachers to promote green and safe Diwali.




Mother tongue is synonymous with roots; our values and culture are entwined with our Mother Tongue. Bal Bharati Public School, Manesar paid tribute to the beauty and charm of Hindi in a unique way.

Interesting competitions were organised for the parents of classes II & III. In the event 'Charitra Manchan' the team of 'Parent-child duo' had to pick up a theme for role play with an impactful message. Dressed up appropriately for the act, the parents and children wowed the audience with their ideas, acting and confidence. They picked up themes of environment , spirituality , family etc. for the enactments.

In Poem Composition and Recitation, the parents were given various themes to choose from. The audience was overwhelmed to see the tremendous talent and enthusiasm of the participants. The poetry session was indeed a feast to the soul.

At the end of the event, the winners were honoured by the former Principal, Ms. Ujwal Malhotra who emphasized that each participant was a winner in spirit. She also urged the parents to imbibe in their children love and respect for their mother tongue and promoting reading of good Hindi Literature.

The parents also came up on the dais to thank the institution for providing them an opportunity to explore their own talent . They also requested that such events should be organised more frequently.

Hindi club organized a Vaad-Vivaad Pratiyogita on 17 May 2019 for class VII. The topic for debate was ‘शहरीकरण पक्षियों के लिए घातक है या नहीं’ . Students enthusiastically participated in the event.


Geeta Mahotsav was organized by Hindi Club on 28 December 2018. Many interesting activities like shloka recital, skit and role-play were organized to acquaint students with the great text.

Students drafted creative advertisements in the activities organized on 24 December 2018. 



We at Bal Bharati, Manesar believe that any massive movement needs significant contribution of the educational institutions as the energy of the youth infuses an invigorated momentum to the cause.

We have been consistently working upon the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' through different meaningful activities. On Saturday, September 29, 2018, Bal Bhartians set Manesar abuzz with slogan of 'Clean India, Green India.

Two activities were undertaken for the SEWA Project according to the CBSE guidelines; a cyclothon complimented by a walkathon in which all the students of classes IX-XII participated. The students, accompanied by the teachers went from society to society, spreading awareness on keeping the area clean. They interacted with the residents and discussed their concerns regarding cleanliness.

After reaching back to the premises, the students planted saplings and took a pledge to stay true to the cause that they have taken up.

Students of class X visit Captain Chandan Lal Special Middle School for Blinds, Behrampur, Gurugram on 3rd November 2018.  Students interact with teachers and students. They learnt the way of writing and reading of Braille. Mr. Sanjeev was the resource person, he explained how they are working. Overall it was full of learning experience for everyone.



Under the club activities students started to click photos of school functions. The group also click photos of educational trips.

Rishabh Nema, an alumnus of BBPS Manesar, who is working as a successful freelancer in photography, conducted an informative session with students of photography club. The students were guided on different types of cameras and the basic technical knowledge of photography.

SCIENCE SAFETY CLUB: Mind Wars provide a platform to students to access knowledge presented in the form of short quizzes involving three aspects – curriculum, general knowledge and current affairs. Parents can register on ‘Mind Wars’ through Zee5 App and students can attempt as many quizzes as they want.