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Smart class Programme has been implemented in B.B.P.S. Manesar for classes Mont to XII. It provides tools and content for interactive self paced learning by students as well as rich media presentation for teacher led classroom learning. The content available consists of pedagogically sound and visually rich curriculum resources mapped and customized as per the school’s scheme of work. . This content can be streamed in the classroom to make abstract concepts real. Teachers may also include their own learning material.
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Dear Parent

If you really want to conquer the anxiety of life
Live in the moment, Live in the breath
Honor your inner child by losing yourself in
Simple pleasures


The whole world is fighting against the pandemic ‘COVID-19’ which is spreading across globally and the
challenges that we are facing makes us conscious of the inability of human beings to avoid the
unexpected. Our country is also not left untouched by the effect of this virus, as we are witnessing a surge
in the number of positive cases. Apart from resilience, this indeed helps us to develop new skills and
greater ability to adapt to the … Read More