Senior Department Activities



September 2021


DATE : 21st SEP 2021 CLASS : X A, B & C

 An activity on Political Parties was conducted in Class X on 21st September’21. The objective is to make the students know about the National parties and State parties/Regional parties that exist in our country and also learn about party ideologies, symbols and leaders. Also understand the significance of political parties as the most visible institutions of the country. The students enthusiastically made symbols and represented different political parties.

Learning Outcomes:-

  • Compare and contrast political parties
  • Analyse the platforms of political parties



Class XI & XII

A country can flourish when its citizens are responsible enough to build a strong and powerful nation. We are all responsible for the protection and development of our country.

Procedure : students of XI C Humanities discussed about the fundamental duties and made the charts to display the list of fundamental duties under the guidance of political science teacher.

Learning outcomes:

Fundamental Duties remind students their duty towards their society, school and the nation. Fundamental Duties warn students against anti-national and anti-social activities.

Fundamental Duties inspire students & promote a sense of discipline and commitment among them.


Class XI & XII

A calendar is a tool used to mark the passing of time. People of ancient times based their calendars on the most obvious regular events they knew—the changing positions of the Sun, Moon, and stars. These calendars helped them figure out when to plant and harvest their crops. Over time different groups of people developed other calendars based on their own needs and beliefs. In this activity students of 11th and 12th class Humanities presented different period’s calendars and show the importance of calendars in human life.

Learning outcomes: Students came to know about different type of calendars.

They told exciting stories and events connected to various calendars.

July 2021

Nelson Mandela International Day

Class IX & X

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”   

An activity was conducted in Classes IX & X on 26th July 2021 as a mark of celebration for Nelson Mandela International Day. The UN celebrate Mandela day on the 18th of July to commemorate the greatest leader ever born. Nelson Mandela set an example of dedication, sacrifice and courage. Students created PPTs and presented the topic in an innovative way.

An interactive session was conducted in the class to bring out the essence of celebrating such a day and the ways through which they could contribute to this mission – Inspire change.

‘Incredible Mom’- RADIO SHOW

DATE: 5 MAY 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      CLASS IX

Mothers are the most beautiful creation of God, they can take anyone’s place in our life but they are irreplaceable. With the changing years the role of mothers has also changed. To know about the viewpoints of our young generation we conducted an activity in class IX, ‘Incredible Mom’ some of the students imitated Radio Jockeys and rest of the students became audience from whom they asked several questions about changes in motherhood from Conventional to Modern. All the students participated with a great zeal and enthusiasm.




APRIL 2021

                POLY BAGS : Can we do without them


         DATE  : 16-04-2021                                                                                                        

A group discussion was held on April 16, 2021 for the students of class IX. The topic for the discussion was “Poly Bags’.  Students took big interest in the activity and participated with enthusiasm. They brilliantly discussed each and every point regarding the importance and drawbacks of this polymer. Also, they suggested a number of alternates for the same viz. polymers made up from cotton and jute. 

Students also suggested some biodegradable polymers like Nylon2,6  and PHBV etc.

Overall this activity brought awareness about the judicious and reduced use of such poly bags which are harmful for us and the environment.


Aluminium foil: Safe or Threat


On 16th April 2021, students of Class X had a group discussion on the topic, ‘Aluminium foil: Safe or Threat’. All the students kept their views boldly and participated enthusiastically. It was an illuminating session, where students discussed various aspects, the pros and cons of using Aluminium foil, its impact on human health and nature. Also they discussed about its durability and capacity to keep the food hot for a longer time. 

At the end they drew the conclusion that it is good to use it but awareness is needed to be spread among people. We must find an alternative of aluminium foils other than the plastic wraps.